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Hearing Aid Sales

Hearing Aid Sales



We sell hearing aids from all unlocked major manufacturers and offer devices at a wide range of price points. This ensures that the device is fitted to you – rather than trying to fit you to the device.
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Hearing Aids

FDA registered medical devices designed to assist those with hearing impairment to better utilize residual hearing for improved communication.

Hearing Aid Dispensing

The behind the scenes tasks associated with the order and subsequent sale of hearing aids. Includes verification received devices are what was ordered, that they are working properly, and that no package components are missing.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Initial individualized programming of hearing aids and counseling provided for patient on proper use and maintenance of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Evaluations

Assimilation of test results, history, and other information to assist in selection of hearing aids by providing recommendations. Patients then choose their hearing aids based on recommendations, past experience, goals, lifestyle, budget, and insurance benefit.

Real Ear/Electroacoustic Measures

Recording of the hearing aids real time performance at the level of the patient’s ear drum utilizing a tiny probe, sometimes achieved utilizing averages and estimates to perform measures in a test box, instead of the patient’s ear.

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