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Hearing Testing and Screening

Hearing Testing and Screening



Comprehensive evaluation services including full diagnostic testing, OSHA screenings, adult testing, and pediatric testing. Including specialized testing for non-responsive patients, auditory processing, and tinnitus.

Hearing Screening

A pass/fail measure to determine whether hearing is within normal limits or may be impaired, meant only to be used to determine if further evaluation may be necessary, not sufficient for programming hearing devices.

Hearing Evaluations

A comprehensive measure of hearing levels for speech and tones at various frequencies, may lead to further testing depending on diagnosis, provides individual hearing levels necessary for programming hearing devices.


Measure of tympanic membrane (ear drum) mobility, typically used to assist in ruling out and/or diagnosing disorders of the middle ear space.

Pure Tone Audiometry

Determination of patient’s ability to perceive various frequencies (pitches), establishes thresholds (softest level at which patient can hear), may also establish loudness discomfort levels (point at which patient can no longer tolerate).

Speech Audiometry

Determination of patient’s ability to perceive speech, establishes threshold (softest level at which patient can hear), may also establish most comfortable listening level, uncomfortable listening level, and patient’s ability to understand speech clearly in quiet and/or noise.

Otoacoustic Emissions

Evaluation of the function of the inner ear by presenting and sound to the ear, recording sound returned by the inner ear, and comparison of differences between.

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